Disney Shows Fantasy Nazis Wearing The Greek Cross

Interesting random find in everyone’s favorite bolshevist encyclopedia. Not satisfied with using Nazi imagery for profit, Disney shows them wearing a Greek Cross.


In the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular in Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, the swastikas on German trucks, aircraft and actor uniforms in the reenactment of a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark were removed in 2004. The swastika has been replaced by a stylized Greek Cross.[135]

Wikipedia description of the Greek Cross:

With arms of equal length. One of the most common Christian forms, in common use by the 4th century.

So probably some Jews howled about showing a Nazi swastika in an amusement park, so Disney decided that the bad guys in their showpiece should not be Nazis but Greek orthodox. After all Christians don’t protest but Jews do so do what the Jews want, and slander Christianity in the process.

Disney should stick to licking faces.

BUT. If we accept this revision of the Indiana Jones story, this means that Indiana Jones massacred Greek Christians who were salvaging the Ark Of The Covenant – an obviously Christian relik and therefore a perfectly justified archeological endeavour.

Making Indiana Jones an anti-Christian terrorist. I guess being an anti-Christian terrorist is what Globalists call a hero, so it all makes sense.


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