Music: 1987: Laibach / Geburt Einer Nation

Attention. Achtung. Trigger Warning. Maximum Trigger Warning.

If you thought /pol/ perfected the art of triggering, you do not know Laibach.


And yes: It is simply a verbatim translation of Queen’s/Freddy Mercury’s “One Vision” to German.

Word is that the Communist Party of Yugoslavia – of which Slovenia was a part at the time – was not too amused. Laibach is the German name of the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, Laibach the band originated there in the 1980ies in the local art scene. And are active to this day.

Here is their 2015 “Warme Lederhaut” – a literal translation of old New Wave / Electropunk hit “Warm Leatherette” (which is about J.G.Ballards Car crash fetish fiction).

If anything they have gotten MORE lethal.



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