Metropolis The Anime Vs. Ray Charles

Only the Japanese would combine Ray Charles’ “I Can’t Stop Loving You” with the cataclysmic city-destroying murderous rampage of a girlfriend-robot.

The film is a must-watch for its unique combination of a 1930ies Japanese manga source with Fritz Lang / Metropolis inspired plotlines and New Orleans Jazz music throughout.

The characters are not drawn in modern Manga / Anime style but resemble the style of the source manga.

The plot is much more intricate than Fritz Lang’s Metropolis – power struggles of elite groups, intrigue and terrorism are interwoven with attempts of creating artificial life and becoming God (which is of course the Fritz Lang/Metropolis influence which in turn is a modernization of The Golem – or a foreshadowing of Transhumanism).

Plus, a love story.

Allround fun.

Epilog. I can’t Stop Associating More….

Hmmm, wait. There is a non-Japanese film with a similar musical juxtaposition. Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.

Fun fact: Most of the original “nuke” films are special effects created at Lookout Mountain Labs on a hill near Hollywood where the military ran a top notch film studio.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that nukes don’t exist… (after all, after the Nazis handed over their yellowcake for free passage of U234 to Argentina, the USA actually had enough refined U235 to build a nuke.)

But surely the films for public consumption had to be faked. Impossible to film at that time in that quality without losing aircrew.

U234 is of course also the name of a Uranium isotope.

Probably Martin Bormann and maybe Hitler made it out this way (U234 came from Norway over Hamburg and then went to Spain where 2 weeks of the sub’s logs are missing).

The Soviets later presented a skull as the remains of Hitler but it was DNA-tested female in the 1990ies.

In 1972 some bones in Berlin were found while excavating and declared to be Bormann. They had to have a finishing chapter for the Bormann story. I guess any ole bone would do.

And back to nukes: Another possible proof of the existence of nukes is the contamination in Utah and Nevada, where John Wayne filmed this Gengis Khan thing. Whole bunch of the film crew died of cancer.



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