Comey Was Clinton’s Fixer

The entire career of ousted FBI boss Comey consisted of covering for the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Without him there would not have been a criminal dynasty in the USA. He was NOT an arbitrary small fellow traveller but a crucial cog of the operation.

This also means that Comey was one of the major roadblocks that Trump had to remove: Comey was about using the entire FBI to get rid of Trump.

This also means Trump can now proceed faster doing what he has to do. Also, we  will see more jailed politicians. The FBI employees can now do their job instead of being abused by a Clinton Crime Syndicate member.

Even by Democrat standards the Clinton were an abomination. But leftists are given to harboring any abomination: They are all about loving the oppressed. And criminals are oppressed.

We will see more criminals amongst the leftists. Russian Deadpool, for instance. When you are a criminal psychopath, it is natural to find protection amongst Leftists and tell them lies. Russian Deadpool (Alexander Kolpakov) lied about being an Afgh vet and having PTSD, got two leftists as sexual and drug orgy partners (known under the names Poison Ivy and Homicidal Harley) and had a youtube channel with them called Skeptic Feminist. As his interactions on video with antifeminists show he clearly was aggressive to psychopathic.

During a shroom orgy with his partner Poison Ivy he became paranoid, got convinced she wanted to poison him (or maybe she even did – poison is a natural murder weapon for women – maybe she feared for her life) – and shot her in the chest multiple times. She died on the way to hospital.

He is now in jail awaiting prosecution. His leftist lover Homicidal Harley seems to believe to this day that he had PTSD. He didn’t, he never left the USA during his service, as sleuths found out using his SSN (which he had accidentally published in a video.) and accessing public databases.

This pattern of criminality, cover up lies, and hiding amongst stupid leftists will recur. It kills the Left: They are now known to be the harbor for the criminals. Well they were ever since Robespierre. Over Trotzki and Guevara to the Clintons.


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