Berlin: Acid Attack #6

As in the previous cases a random woman on a bike got sprayed with Acid, this time from a car while she was waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

German source

This attack happened already on May 9. These attacks are kept in the regional press and I don’t check for the keyword Acid that often.

Police continues to have no clue.

This is normal jihadist terror: Attack women who are not dressed in sacks to force unbelievers into submission and destroy their society.

The CDU government continues to pump 280,000 immigrants into Germany per year under the pretense of “Asylum”. The liar media stay mostly silent about it. From time to time the number of immigrants per month leaks out, it stays at 15,000; and, the CDU government will likely move in 100,000 immigrants via airplane for “family reunification”.

Most of the 280,000 are men and islamic; from all Arabic and African islamic countries, presumably because they are persecuted in their islamic countries.

Interestingly they are called “refugees” but most of them seem to be in no hurry to bring their children, wifes or elderly with them.

Regularly we see claims that MERKEL changed her course with regards to mass immigration. This is a lie. While she stopped openly demanding mass immigration, her government keeps all borders open to anyone who manages to arrive and claim asylum.

The EU has granted 15 NGO’s the permission to pick up “refugees” 30 miles off the Libyan coast. It is a taxi service ordered by JUNCKER and the EU commission to pump in hundreds of thousands of mostly black Africans to Europe. Italy is not worried a lot as they all try to make their way to Germany and Sweden for the lavish benefits offered.

I expect, of course, more violence. Violent crimes by the imported immigrants currently rise with 50% a year (2015 to 2016). I also expect a progressive collapse of the ability of Police to persecute this violence.

For MERKEL, the one thing that matters is keeping silence about all of this so she gets reelected in October. After that, I expect another massive surge in islamic immigration. The CDU currently denies any desire to repeat the immigrant surge of 2015. They are not trustworthy. They have proven over the entirety of MERKEL’s reign that they will do random decisions as they see fit. The Islamisation/Africanization of Germany is perfectly in line with earlier pronouncements of them that “diversity is our strength” etc. Exactly the same rethoric as CAMERON used, or OBAMA. MERKEL is one of the last strongholds of GLOBALISM.

Also, there is absolutely nothing conservative about her or her party.

What we have here is low intensity warfare against our society and our country and our people and it will heat up more and more. It is not important to track it from day to day, as the attacks happen randomly and sparsely, but, we need to track the trend of this rising wave of violence – and the unwillingness of the regime to do anything about it.

Also, don’t visit Berlin. It’s really not worth it. Maybe if you’re into gay sex and drugs and are willing to take the risk. Well in that case you OBVIOUSLY ARE. But besides that? It’s a shithole. With gay sex and drugs.


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