Buy Your Daughter An Arianna Grande Concert Ticket!

Or the terrorists have won! Give your money to the Doughnut-licking Disney person!

In other news: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, will NOT be illuminated in Union Jack colors. Reason obviously: BREXIT, and we can’t do that for any run of the mill islamic terror mass murder.

Phrased diplomatically: “The illumination is reserved for places with a special relationship to Berlin”, says the local regime. German Source.

Suck it up, VIBRANT Manchester! You’re not that special, says the Berlin regime. I totally agree. We have hundreds of multicultural shitholes like that.

Don’t forget it’s a week to the official start of the international annual Ramadan bombathon so maybe not stand around unarmed in large Vigil crowds in open areas. Just sayin’.

There’s Muslims everywhere in the West and there will be attacks everywhere.

The current islamisation/Africanisation speed of Germany is 60,000 per 3 months or 240,000 a year, plus 1000 to 100,000 for “family reunification” i.e. resettlement. THe latter is a big wildcard.

After the election in October all bets are off as per the rate. The CDU will probably win – and the CDU (which was a conservative party WAAAAYYY back and now calls itself a party of the middle with SOME conservative members) is the party that started the refugee Tsunami in Sept 2015 by inviting all “refugees” to Germany.

So it is very possible that they will do it again. They have shown to be unpredictable and very much in favor of illegal mass immigration. They CLAIM to have changed their mind but they cannot be trusted. The same crooks who opened the floodgates still run the party.

We should mention that Katy Perry demands that in response to the slaughter of 22 dead and 120 injured all borders and barriers be removed. The drugs obviously won. There’s no grey matter left, she is now Cher.


2 thoughts on “Buy Your Daughter An Arianna Grande Concert Ticket!”

  1. AfD. They’re the only ones who may stop the mass immigration.
    Merkel/CDU and Schulz/SPD are the same.
    Both SPD and CDU cannot be trusted. They brought in millions of Muslims. They might do it again.
    Both parties did not fire the responsible people. They are, in other words, perfectly happy with what they’ve done.


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