Noam Chomsky About The Republican Party


The total collapse of all mental function in all Leftists proceeds at geometric rate.

Chomsky was always a communist; he defended the Khmer Rouge in the 70ties, trying to explain away the Killing Fields. Now he’s gone full Bill Nye and it’s just so awesome.

Of course Noam Chomsky also defended suicide attacker Joe Stack who left behind a childish Unabomber-type manifesto after flying his Cessna into an IRS building. Chomsky has been nuts for at least 40 years, it’s just that the leftists chose to pretend all along that he’s a genius. Hey he’s got TENURE! He MUST be a genius!

It’s so funny when you debate a leftist and at a certain point the leftist starts to bring out the big calibres and starts citing Chomsky – thinking he impresses anyone. Hey Leftists. Chomsky is a cartoon figure. He’s the intellectual Wile E. Coyote of modern communism.



4 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky About The Republican Party”

      1. I totally agree but if you study philosophy of language you have to go through Chomsky. Back in the old days his theory was quite interesting for programming languages as you said it. Personally I have never been a fan of Chomsky but he has fans all over the world and I don’t understand why to be honest


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