The French Presidential Freak Couple Macron

The ex Rothschild banker Macron married his arts teacher 25 years his senior. He met her when he was 16.


Now of course it’s their business how they run their lifes. But why would we want an outsider freak run our country? For that matter why would Americans want a person with a Kenyan father, brought up as a Muslim in Indonesia, as their president?

The Globalists are scraping the bottom of the barrel: The last talent that is not OBVIOUSLY criminal, corrupt or TOO deviant gets a new suit and is presented as their synthetic candidate.

I would assume Macron to be a closet homosexual with the elderly lady he married his replacement Mom. And if he’s an active homosexual probably drug use. Let’s see what comes out.

So, this is not a great move by the Globalists. It’s what they could come up with. Obviously they chose him because they can control him.

Speaking of the “mainstreaming” of freakishness. Not that MTV is still a force. It is amazing to see them self-immolate. Basically, Globalists are close behind given their freak candidates.


Oh and German MSM is full of OOHs and AAHs, look how INTERESTING that Macron and his unconvential wife are. Again, this will just accelerate the bonfire of the Globalist MSM. People like me have turned their backs on them for a long time; now the common folks will be repulsed on a deep level. Sales will collapse further, while the German Verfassungsschutz already demands to censor the Internet and instate the Old Media as information gatekeepers: Sounds of desperation.


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