Identity Politics in US FCC-Regulated Media

In 1965 the USA opened immigration floodgates to non-white legal immigration and is, together with the native Black Minority and the “LGBT minorities”, now a country brimming with “minorities”. The naiive notion that treating people equally is the way to go would of course leave no occupation for identity politics movements a.k.a. Cultural Marxism. So all FCC regulated media have to prove that they’re hiring all minorities according to the whim of the Marxist functionaires.

Interesting: The Lesbian And Gay Journalist Association. I didn’t know that. So all these stations will have to promote gayness as well.

The amount of regulation required in the USA shows that the system would already collapse without it. It is a system of crutches NEEDED to maintain the illusion of a harmonious society. (LBJ’s Big Society basically)

Demixing processes are constantly underway; Whites are fleeing Philadelphia and Baltimore etc. (The Ferguson effect) – and the bureaucrats try to re-enforce mixing, like in New Jersey where towns are forced by the central state government to add some high density housing project in white towns to add racial diversity. Because obviously it’s racist when poor blacks can’t live in a town where a house costs 400,000 USDs.

Now! The same is going on under different names in Germany and the entire Western EU of course.

As these Legacy Media are FORCED to promote DIVERSITY, (Di more you have, Di Verse it gets) they necessarily lose support of the public. The bureaucrats are forcing their utopian vision on us that can’t work, doesn’t work and that we don’t want – and that lacks a visionary utopian myth in the first place. There’s no noble goal described by them that we must strive towards. As at any moment they fight for MORE rights for minorities, there’s not a defined end point anyway. No great work of art that the Globalists can show us that explains how great the future will be once maximum diversity is achieved. Only a vague “tomorrow will be better than now”, well basically they don’t dare anymore to say even that.

So it is left to us to explain what will happen, but it’s obvious, and it’s just the outbreak of the war All Against All everywhere. Which is already happening sporadically, you’ll find yourself a statistic if it hits you and it’ll be swept under the rug by the regulated, globalist Legacy Media, with the identity of the perpetrators kept a secret and forbidden to report.

UPDATE: Fixed typo. Start of mass nonwhite immigration was in 1965, not 1954. And , it was the lifetime achievement of a guy called Celler.; NYC Ashkenaz.


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