Vaccination Does Not Stop The Spread Of Infections

Because current vaccines are not designed to do that. Rather, they are designed to suppress disease symptoms in the infected.

Says Harvard Immunologist.

Currently, No one has a financial interest in eradicating disease. (There might be a moral one – but currently it is not acted upon.) They do have an interest in keeping you alive. It’s two different things. The latter IS a service that might have a high enough value for you to want to buy it.

The conclusion is:

Your reason to have vaccination should be to prevent getting severely ill YOURSELF. It should NOT be the desire to protect the greater good. Because that’s not what it does.

Politicians want enforced vaccination. Even in Germany, the industry lobbyist party FDP just demanded that. That’s a violation of your right to bodily integrity. They do this to increase pharma business. Vaccinations have a non-negligible risk of ill effects. You have to weigh the risk of the disease against the risk of the vaccination.

An example for a vaccination you might or might not want to have is the one against the tick-caused FSME (meningitis). If you are in affected areas in the forest, you run a high risk of getting it. You might avoid such areas or wear protective clothing or get the vaccination. It is a free decision here in Germany.


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