Fourier: Inventor Of Feminism, Genderism, The Tower Block

Charles Fourier (1772 – 1837) – not to be confused with the mathematician who invented the Fourier Transform – was a Utopian Socialist. He was an early proponent of grievance group identity politics. He saw civilizsation as evil (cue Rousseau) and to be remodeled into a socialism; wherein ideally humans would live together no longer in families but in communes of 1620 individuals each called a Phalanx; each commune occupying one building – which I see as the prototype for Corbusier‘s Brutalism, giving us those beautiful post WW 2 tower blocks.

The specifically fascinating madness of Fourier is his obsession that there a x character traits, amongst them sexual traits, that give rise to 810 different possible character combinations so that he wanted exactly 1620 people in one Phalanx, so that he would have 2 specimen of each possible combination.

That’s BIZARRELY crazy even for an identity-politics obsessed proto-Cultural Marxist.

Given that Fourier is completely swept under the rug by the Leftists  – who need to hide the fact that all their ideas come from lunatics – we should rub salt in the gaping wound and remember this old crazy Frenchman.

Also, New Harmony: Same epoch, trying to implement similarly crazy ideas – and collapsing after TWO YEARS because NO ONE WAS WORKING.

After the collapse of New Harmony, Owen, the founder, travelled the UK and told everyone what a great success his ideas were.

They are all lunatics because they always insist that their failures were not caused by the sick rules they defined for their own game but by some external influence out of their control.



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