The Luciferian Doctrine

The Luciferian Doctrine claims that Satan is not evil but in fact the bringer of knowledge. Imported from the Middle East by the Templars, it continued in various masonic orders, was made public by Helena Blavatsky, occultist and esoteric, as “The Secret Doctrine”, and culminated in todays New World Order; propagated by H G Wells – who was a member of the Fabian society. The Fabian Society runs the UK Labor party as their front to this day.

Noteworthy: The Georgia Guidestones contain new “commandments” of this New World Order, one of which demands to enhance human genetic fitness by planned selection and MAXIMIZATION OF DIVERSITY. This points to the current flooding of Europe with African and Arabic migrants as an event planned by the Luciferian organisations.

(We find a demand for this already in PRAKTISCHER IDEALISMUS, 1925, by the Freemason Coudenhouve-Kalergi. Kalergi demanded “the creation of a negroid-Eurasian mixed race, outwardly not unlike the Ancient Egyptians.” Kalergi was funded by the German-American Jewish banker WARBURG to promote his Pan-Europa movement – similar to the funding of Trotzky’s and Lenin’s Bolshevists by the New York bankers Kuhn-Lob and Schiff. Unsurprisingly, the EU is built on the ideas of Kalergi and its institutions are mirror images of the institutions of the USSR. The collapse of the EU, begun by the Anti-Fabian revolution in the UK by Nigel Farage and the following BREXIT – which continues to destroy the Fabian UK Labor party – is therefore a setback for the Luciferians.

Kalergi is not a fringe figure. He was the first recipient of the proto-EU’s “Charlemagne” price and he had the idea to use the first notes of Beethovens “Ode To Joy” as the EU’s hymn. Kalergi was member of the Austrian aristocracy. His daughter has to this day a column in some important Austrian newspaper where she constantly demands DIVERSITY and multiculturalism. Kalergi was a Dutch-Japanese mixed race person and was convinced that his own greatness was the result of this genetic mixing; so to speak, an anti-purity racist. Well, eugenicist. Like most of the DIVERSITY-brainwashed young Germans today are.

The EU today is then the eugenicist project of the Freemasons to create the future race of mongrels which will be the new Herrenmenschen.

That’s why we are in the process of destroying it. They didn’t ask us.)

In Jewish lore, BTW, Satan is neither evil nor “the lightbringer” but simply the “opponent”; a being that follows orders from God – for instance, to tempt the believer. Here, Satan has no agency of his own but is merely an agent of God.

The concept of an independently willed counterparty to a single God was, as far as I can tell, invented by the Christian church. (or revealed, if you prefer that term)

We have, then, three concepts of Satan or Lucifer:

  • Bringer of knowledge (Luciferian)
  • Agent of God  (Jewish)
  • Fallen angel in rebellion against God (Christian)

One could add the Taoistic Jin-Jang perspective – where order is in a battle against chaos. This seems to unite the Luciferian and Christian perspectives: The battle is necessary to develop the world.  (Creation/”the interesting stuff” happens at the border of order and chaos. The frontline; the battlezone.)

So these schools also have different ideas of who’s the villain:

  • Luciferians: God is the villain who tries to keep knowledge from man.
  • Jews: Evil is part of God’s plan. All evil emanates from God just as all good.
  • Christians: Satan/Lucifer is evil.
  • Taoism: Well, sounds a bit like the Jewish perspective – if we define God as the sum of Jin and Jang.

Could one then say that Luciferians vs. Christians represent Jin vs. Jang  – and that neither side can obtain complete victory over the other?

And, today the name under which we know the Luciferians is of course GLOBALISTS.

AND! This just in! Eyewitness report: Dutch ex currency trader and fixer for the top Globalists spills the beans about their deals and their methods to enforce discipline. Switch to 1.5 speed, read the subtitles. Watch all of it. It gets worse as it proceeds.





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