Dawkins Explains Homosexuality

Oh, this is great. As an Atheist God, he is in the frying pan of SJW identity politics, so let us see him twitch. Will he call homosexuality a negative mutation? Is it a purely learned behaviour (meaning, we could wipe it out by simple education)?

I can’t wait to hear the God of Atheism explain it to us walking lumps of meat.

There you have it, homos: You’re good enough to take care of the chilrun while the functioning males go and hunt the mammoths.

Wait, did he really just say that the homos should be entrusted with the children of other males?

Phoning John Podesta…

Boy, oh, boy. Poor old sucker.

BTW I found the above while I was searching for “LGBT’s For Bill Nye”; because I find only videos roasting Bill Nye for his genderist rap video so I thought, well surely the LGBT’s praise him – but, turns out they’ve got much too much of a taste for music to go that far.

For those who missed it, it was about this…


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