AntiFa, KomIntern, Palace Of The Soviets

Origin of the term AntiFa, 1920ies, Italy. Basically, AntiFa = Komintern:
Antifaschistische Aktion
KomIntern was dissolved by Stalin in 1942. It was a terrorist underground across Western Europe to take Europe by October revolution style “Color Revolutions” / terror war.

Stalin dissolved it when he saw his hopes for Soviet world rule dashed by Hitler’s preemptive attack. Red Army had prepared for invasion, not defense, and saw their lightweight, fast, roadworthy  invasion tanks destroyed by Wehrmacht. These things were able to reach about 60miles/hr with the tracks removed on a road and were designed I think by an American: their purpose was to race across Western Europa in a Blitzkrieg. (see Suvorov, The Icebreaker)

When Stalin dissolved the KomIntern, he also cancelled the building of the Palace of the Soviets – which was to be the government building for the world.

I can’t help but notice the similarity of the Lenin statue planned on top of the tower to King King on top of the Empire State Building in the 1933 King Kong film. As the decision for the Lenin statue was made in 1932, it might well be that it was the inspiration for the movie’s scene.

The cancellation of the project shows that indeed, Stalin had planned to create a Pan-Eurasian USSR; and after that the entire world. Without world government the palace had no purpose, so the construction was not just paused but cancelled. Stalin had realized that Soviet world government was out of reach forever.


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