Urgent French Election Service: Macron, Leaks, Hacking, 4Chan, Africanization

As the French media boycot reporting, please google “Macron 4chan”, or follow this link if you feel you need to know more about the ex Rothschild banker Macron – the synthetic candidate of Globalism whose job it will be to turn France into an African state on EU territory and who stands in the election TODAY. It’s now Sunday 2 A.M. Berlin time so there is still time.

http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/124234624/correspondence-documents-and-photos-from-macron

Please paste line into browser address bar and remove space after the “//”.

Also here’s Infowars talking about it. French government has blocked 4chan in France. They threaten anyone with jail who posts.

Oh and for the current demographics of France, 40% of newborns get tested for Sickle Cell anemia, which the doctors of course do for all black newborns. France prohibits statistics by ethnicity but now we know: France is far into the process of becoming New Nigeria; an invasion financed by the French social network: The Franks are being forced to lose the land they acquired 1500 years ago. And they are even helping the process by voting the enemies into power – the Globalists and socialists. Which is kinda stupid, Franks. What’s wrong with you people?

English article about Demographics, Africanization of France

Also, Macron recently said, there’s gonna be terror for years to come, get used to it, Frenchmen.

I wouldn’t vote for a guy who announces a Reign of Terror. But then, I’m not French, nor I’m a fan of the Rothschilds. They have their fiefdom Israel, that should suffice. Let’s build a wall around it so the Rothschilds can’t get out. Oh wait, they already did.

So, why again is the Rothschild property Israel allowed to reject African and Arab immigration yet their Globalist EU politicians like Macron want to enforce African and Arab immigration on us?


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