MSM Journalists Get Their Comeuppance

One story that people stopped believing in is that MSM journalists report reality. That movement of journalist-believers collapsed.

So it is little surprise that Newspaper reporter is now the worst job in America.

This guy who got punched by an AntiFa featherweight in WashDC after trying to interview AntiFa thugs talks about how the AntiFa sets up situations for the MSM journalists to lie about.

AntiFa and MSM journalists work hand in hand. The best way to starve the remaining MSM journalists is to get rid of your TV and use an adblocker when trawling the mainstream news.

The collusion between the violent thugs of AntiFa and the media is exactly the same in Germany – only that the state is deeply involved in both – as both of the ruling parties are of the progressive socialist type.

And of course, AntiFa is promoting the same goals as oligarchic Globalism: Limitless mass immigration from Africa and Arabia. We can say that the Trotzkyite story of AntiFa and the free-movement-of-people-across-borders story of the Globalists are parallel versions of the same story; a designed dialectic with the same goal: Parallels that meet in a point in infinity (Utopia = a place that doesn’t exist = something that can’t exist). So whether you are a committed capitalist or a committed communist or in between: you find a story that leads to the same goal: Destruction of the nations of white people.

And as to nation destruction we know where that comes from: It’s in Deuteronomy.

Deuteronomy is the Fifth Book of the Torah. At the time of the fictional Moses, the Hebrews were still trying to find their way out of a small peninsula between Egypt and the Levante known as Sinai, which took them 40 years, if we were to believe that, and didn’t have a nation. (Also, all 2 million Hebrews who fled from Egypt survived 40 years of wandering through the rocky terrain of Sinai, procreating at exact replacement level.)

That book seems to be as full of commandments for nation destruction as the UN building of cockroaches.


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