The Progressive Degeneration Of Government Science

Warmunism, particle physics, HIV research, “regaining” the ability to land a man on the moon are but four of the sectors that never get us useful discoveries or any sort of progress but are ultra successful in consuming the highest amounts of tax payer money.

They are the optimal winning strategy for a player who plays the government funding game.

We will therefore see much more of it.

As this is obvious, these massive programs are at the same time the obvious camouflage for black ops.

Are all these researchers REALLY given the freedom to waste their entire productive life on an obvious dead end?

Ya think?

Or in other words, how many of those researchers are really doing what the governments claim they’re doing? I’d guess, the stupid 50%.


2 thoughts on “The Progressive Degeneration Of Government Science”

  1. I thought that persons who do not believe the AIDS / HIV theory were a bunch of kooks. Then I looked into it a bit, and found out that Kary Mullis has big issues with that theory. Mullis won the Nobel prize for the invention of PCR. I have Peter Deusberg’s book. I wish I had time to read it!


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