Groups, Stories, Movements And Their Collapse

Some of my word definitions that need to be written down as a basis for future analysis; which will enable us to make accurate predictions and save our money and our life from being engulfed in wholesale annihilation.

Philosophy is the preparation for war.


A GROUP is a group of people. May be a section of society, like, the Blacks in the USA or the private sector workers in Germany. Or, all of Morocco.


A STORY is a story that this group believes to be true, or maybe also just pretends to believe to be true, or wants to make true. So, to act as a believer in the story you put away your personal doubt, you might only believe to 80% that Erdogan is the Chosen One, but, you act as his follower because why not. People choose a story to follow because it simplifies decision-making. Usually your decisions are made for you by the guys who tell the story. The story is often called The Narrative. Western Journalists follow a narrative: The cultural marxist narrative designed by the Frankfurt School proponents, Adorno, Horkheimer and Marcuse.


A MOVEMENT is a GROUP following a STORY.


The COLLAPSE of a movement happens when the group dissolves; in other words, when the followers quit the movement. This happens silently and is therefore difficult to notice from the outside. There are mostly no official recantations, individual followers simply vanish and re-appear in different movements or not at all; the STORY is still propagated by the leaders and everything seems fine until suddenly the movement grinds to a halt.

Example: Warmunism

One example is Warmunism. It is all but dead. It had its heyday in 2007 with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. It is still being pushed by the entrenched warmunist scientists and UN politicians, it still has idiot followers but mostly its gone and anyone intelligent has dropped out of the movement silently.

Example: Socialism

An example is the UK Labour Party under Corbyn: The white workers are now at UKIP, the imported Negros and Arabs that were pumped into the UK without even counting them under Blair have no interest in a European socialist party like the Labour Party at all because they are not interested in the European concept of Democracy. Nobody ever convinced them that that could work; they don’t have it in their cultures and they’re just not that into it. The imported Negros and Arabs in the West follow a different story: They have learned that they will be payed good money by the Whites as long as they don’t rebel in the streets. They earn TRIBUTE for CEASEFIRE. They have their own storytellers and leaders who will, if tribute is not forthcoming, start the uprising until tribute is forthcoming again. The leaders of the Negro and Arab movement in the West might eventually infiltrate and usurp the white socialist movement and use it as their cloak to rise to power, but they are more interested in continued tribute by the Whites than in taking the power. It works very well for them: They don’t have to work hard or carry responsibility while the Whites work for themselves AND for them.

In the end the outcome of white socialism and the new Black and Arab movement is the same: The end of the productive class as whites will die or leave, not being able or interested in carrying this constantly rising burden. Extermination of the white, productive, capitalist class was always the goal of white socialism, they never cared whether this happens through blood-sucking by taxation or in forced labor camps in the GULAG, or by a shot to the back of the head. Neither do the Blacks and Arabs.

So, the white socialist BELIEVERS in the STORY of SOCIALISM are vanishing – and IF socialism re-emerges as a MOVEMENT, it will be carried by Black and Arab followers who only PRETEND to believe in the old STORY of socialism; eventually they might come out with their REAL story, which is tribal conquest, or Ethno-warfare, or Ethnic cleansing, or race war.

In the case of Islam, Muslims will tell you, no, we’re not tribal, anyone who converts to Islam is accepted as a brother, all Muslims around the world are brothers. But that is another SCHEIN-Story, a cloak: Underneath this surface story we see that all around the planet the tribes within Islam wage eternal war against each other; usually over resources or land.

Example: ETF investors

Investors currently make a fortune by just putting their money into index funds, those ETF’s which just mirror an index like the DAY or S&P500. We can call these investors the followers in a movement and the story is, Blue Skies Forever. When the story collapses, and that can happen any moment now, there  will be absolutely no takers for the stocks that are thrown on the market while people like I wait for a repeat of 2008 to snap up the debris.

ETF investors are in a chicken run now. They all know the bottom will fall out. They are accordingly nervous.

The Future

Maybe you can see where we’re getting at. We are already able to diagnose the decay stage of movements and how they are hollowed out and used as camouflage as followers of a very different story infiltrate them and use them as shield as they advance into the battle for resources.  We can use our word definitions to instantly identify and classify the behaviour of actors like SOROS  – who, unsurprisingly, finances ANTIFA (see 5:30):



2 thoughts on “Groups, Stories, Movements And Their Collapse”

  1. Speaking of warmunism, many future visions in this line of thoughts are showing a desert like Earth. If you look at the Interstellar movie for instance – a bleak future dominated by bureaucrats where dust bowl storms form:
    “Sometime in the 21st century, a series of crop blights on Earth threatens humanity’s survival.”
    This derives from the warmunist theory of an increasingly warm, desert and stormy future Earth.

    In reality more CO2 changes the future in greening the planet. Yes we do have a lot of problems with real pollution, but CO2 is not one of it. On the contrary, deserts area are greening, savanna’s turn to woods and forests grow faster.
    Due to more CO2 we have about 15 or 20% more food. The warmunista cannot accept this reality, if you try to explain them this their heads would explode before accepting it.


    1. “a bleak future dominated by bureaucrats where dust bowl storms form”

      We all know that bureaucrats thrive in the desert. Or wait, do deserts thrive where bureaucracies take over? They do eat the seedcorn. Like locusts. Yeah, that should be the direction of causation, I always confuse it.

      And yes you are right, a hot future is a moist future and plants thrive. They constantly tell us exactly that about the cretaceous.


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