Germany: Video From AfD Congress, AntiFa Blockade Attempts

The very good German blog and Alt Media outlet metropolico from Munich has video from Cologne last weekend, where AfD members had to run a gamut protected by police to reach the Maritim Hotel in the city centre where the congress was held, while AntiFa members tried to block their way, jeer at them and tried to throw punches.

Action starts at 1:26. As you can see, German police took their job seriously. I think the video is quite interesting when compared with the Berkeley AntiFa. Notice that our AntiFa thugs are not as fat as the Americans. They don’t wear masks because that’s verboten in Germany since the 1980ies, and sometimes police even enforces that. Police also controlled all entry to the entire central quarter and prohibited all kinds of potentially dangerous objects – frisking everyone.

So this is sort of maximum crowd control German style while still allowing the AntiFa thugs to be a general nuisance – a strange ritual of Western democracies. Why not just keep them out? But, MUH RIGHTS!

Of course even getting through the police perimeter for the AfD members and accredited reporters was a hassle. At one point in the video you see a FAZ reporter – of a Frankfurt big newspaper – climb over police fencing. Which the police told him to do.

AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) seeks an end to repopulating the country with Muslims and Africans under the guise of asylum; border controls, an end to the Euro, and generally a preservation of Germany as a souvereign nation populated mostly by Germans. Quite reasonable, isn’t it. Well not to the AntiFa.

After the footage of the AntiFa agression the video goes on to explain the financial and personal links between the Old Parties – of the nominal Left: SPD, Greens, Linke – and the AntiFa who get financed underhandedly by the federal government and regional governments for their “efforts in fighting the Right” (“Kampf Gegen Rechts” is actually an accepted slogan in Germany, Germans have been brainwashed to equate “Right” with “xenophobic, fascistic, right wing extremism”.)

Actually the SPD-CDU coalition government does hand out 100 million Euro  a year this way. Exclusively to leftist organisations who channel it to their street thugs.

The Antifa thugs in the video wave flags produced by such organisations who have names like “Alliance against Right” and somesuch. Some of the flags are short so that the stick can be used as a bat.

Heavy police nearly outnumbering the thugs PLUS their meatshield dummies had no big problem keeping them at bay. Two police got injured, a handful of thugs got arrested.

The Left stands for TOLERANCE – of every communist or islamic organisation and nothing besides that.

Well and as I said before: The Left obviously has lost the public support – they mustered ONE TENTH of the warm bodies they thought they could bring to the AfD congress in Cologne. The CRAZY amount of police is because police planned for that. 5000 leftists, 4000 police.

Also, after the New Years Eve 2015/16 mass sexual molestation of 1000 girls by imported “refugees”, when much too little police was available, Cologne authorities are pissing their pants fearing another outbreak of chaos and rather over-allocate police.


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