Video: Battle Of Berkeley, Final Charge – And The Vanishing Act Of The Left

Very good video.  Shows you the gear that you want: Bike helmets or baseball helmets; gloves, and safety goggles, preferrably chemical spill goggles. One guy has a gas mask or scuba diving mask, looks great.

BTW the big push of German Antifa and their meatshield sympathizers against the AfD congress in Cologne turned out to be a total dud with nearly as much riot police to protect AfD as there were leftists. (4000 police vs 6500 leftists) Announcement of 50,000 leftists was wildly inflated. Some Leftists were observed collecting stones but got chased by police before they could even throw them.

In such announced protests in Germany, Police uses MASSIVE amounts of steel grid fencing to channel the masses and separate the parties; control the entrances and prohibit whatever materials they deem dangerous. Usually all “passive weapons” are prohibited, by which they mean any body armor, so they would not allow you here to bring in a helmet or a mask.

Nevertheless, I like the outfits of the Berkeley right wingers a lot.

The Vanishing Act Of The Left

Oh, and I think we are currently seeing a complete meltdown of the Left in numbers, signified both by the failure of the Berkeley Antifa mob and by the failure to show up in numbers in Germany. They are going extinct as we speak.

Talks of a civil war between Left and Right ignore that the Left doesn’t have the strength anymore. Also, they are not “The Millenials”. Majority of millenials voted for Trump.

And, the immigrant armies do not show up in leftist protests. They do create their own riots though, as here in St Denis, Paris, a few weeks ago.

The Left is basically vanishing between the Muslim armies and the Right wingers. They still control the Old Media and the European Old Parties but they are now isolated with no more foot soldiers. The pronouncements from the ivory tower of the Marxist sociologists, echoed all through the Old Media, are becoming farcically detached from reality. Hey talk a little more about the women’s wage gap or discrimination of fat people will ya.

This is nowhere more apparent than in heavily islamised UK; with the Khanat Londonistan being the acid attack capital of the West: Labor Leader Corbyn leads a vanishing splinter group.



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