Did Space Weather Cause US Power Outages in SF And NYC?

Very informative article including map of the outages here (zerohedge). On APR 21 a geomagnetic storm hit, possibly knocking out some substations on both American coasts.

Important consequences:

  • We would expect long continental high voltage lines to suffer from major induced voltage spikes in an EMP, as they form huge antennas. At least in this geomagnetic storm that was not a problem: The midwest grid survived.
  • Looking at Germany I find one “mysterious” outage on the same day, in Kulmbach at 6:40 A.M. Berlin time. They couldn’t determine the cause. System shutdown for no apparent reason. They switched it on again street by street and everything worked.
  • Slimestream media makes no connection to Space Weather. This is not conscious lying, it’s just that journalists are IQ 100 at best and have no idea what electricity is.

Why does the US suffer so much harder than Germany? I think it’s lower safety margins in the capacity of the installed transformers. Americans operate on a more economically minded basis whereas heavily regulated Germany usually has more stringent rules made by committees of professionals and enforced by politicians – the experts want 100% uptime no matter the cost – due to professional pride; the politicians want tranquilized voters: the dummy box must stay on at all times.

The reward for Germans is high reliability, the price is ridiculous electricity tariffs. All of Germany pays about PG&E level pricing – about 30 US cent a kWh. So, Californian style madness. But, at least we get better service than California.


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