Warmunism: Why Climate Models Do Not Work

I thought I’d link to this video. I keep on linking to it in comments on blogs to give non-mathematicians a glimpse at why the current Climate Models are entirely hopeless piles of crap so let’s have the link here as well. The long and short of it is, when a warmunist tells you that you have to use less fuel or electricity or what have you, understand that the only reason he can point to are the fraudulent claims of climate modelers that they have knowledge of future temperatures through their computer models. They DON’T. They’re just good at making the computer say what they want it to say. And that’s an old trick, used by Club Of Rome in Limits To Growth, and by Carl Sagan in Nuclear Winter: Both are just as fraudulent as warmunism.

So here goes:

Believing Six Impossible Things before Breakfast, and Climate Models. Christopher Essex, Ph.D.

And don’t let ANYONE tell you you’re anti-science when what you are against is SCIENTIFIC FRAUD; tax money misappropriation.



8 thoughts on “Warmunism: Why Climate Models Do Not Work”

  1. Correct. Climate models are simply weather models with an added linear heating process, not scientifically proven. There is no proper energy balance in climate models.


    1. Well the motors are all electric. It might well work with a gas turbine generator.
      They say it is as efficient as an electric car. Which is probably true for the drive itself. But carrying the weight of the battery would be rather pointless when a little bit of NatGas or Kerosin would do.
      German article
      Looks a bit like NASA LeapTech. notice the slender wing. English article:


    2. BTW that’s the usual trick of non-TESLA electric cars by BMW etc… I asked guys after a test drive with a BMW e-car, didn’t you fear running out of juice? No, we had a RANGE EXTENDER. Meaning, for a few thousand Euros you can have an extra small gasoline or Diesel or LPG motor in there that hums away at constant RPM constantly recharging the battery… Saves a lot of battery weight!


      1. Lol, clever thing: electric cars with ‘range extender’ 😉 what’s to be against? + it optimises the use of the ‘range extender’. Made my day


      2. Another German article with video of first test start of Lilium.
        Mentions that EADS (Airbus) has announced they won’t mass produce their competing model “E-Fan” (looks similar to Lilium); BUT rather make a “Hybrid” model. Where further research reveals that when they talk of “hybrid” they mean exactly what I said: electric motors plus hydrocarbon-fueled generator.

        Lilium will later announce exactly the same in my opinion. A gas turbine generator can be as small as a can of beer and adds next to nothing in weight and gives you access to energy storage 10 times as dense as a battery in weight. Look at the tiny model airplane jet engines, that’s about what it takes.


      3. when they talk of “hybrid” they mean exactly what I said: electric motors plus hydrocarbon-fueled generator.
        Yes, I think you’ve put the finger where it pains. A pure electrical battery model would be too much for a problem due to the uncertainty it brings: “didn’t you fear running out of juice? “ Batteries do not scale the same way as fuel. With hydrocarbon-fuelled generator you have the same power until the last drop. A battery may show now 10% and then next moment it is empty…


      4. Oh, that’s manageable, just keep two small redundant separate batteries for the emergency landing or for reaching an airport if you can’t glide to safety or parachute the entire thing. You need to have this to get permission to fly with passengers anyway.

        No, the problem is just WEIGHT, power density by weight.


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