AfD Congress Cologne: First Attacks By Leftists

The AfD Congress in Cologne begins today, AfD = Alternative Für Deutschland, the only party for an end to the islamic mass migration, violently opposed by the establishment and the Black Bloc street terrorists and all of the slimestream media.

50,000 leftist water carriers have announced to protest the congress of the party and serve as meatshields for the red terrorists hiding in their masses. The state deploys 4,000 police just so that no wholesale slaughter occurs.

Here is video of the Red Terrorists as they start to amass.

First attacks on AfD members begin as they congegrate in the hotel rented for the congree. A Red terrorist tried to hit (German article) an AfD member with a 2×4 and a policeman threw himself into the blow and got injured.

Article with a better photo. A whole squad of riot police jumped on the attacker. Hope he didn’t suffocate.

The Old Parties would love for the AfD to be destroyed but can’t publically promote Red Terror on the streets. 78% of Germans dislike the Red Terror (video of a pollster). 38% of Greens like it.

As a reminder, Merkel’s CDU (which does not claim to be conservative but claims to have some conservative members) still refuses to close the border to islamic mass migration; still demands that no upper limit for the islamic mass immigration be recognized; and still lets in 15,000 Muslims over the border in a month.

The motivation for the 50,000 terrorist supporters is that they think that AfD are Nazis. I will refrain from calling the communist terrorist squads in the video above the real Nazis or SA because the Weimar republic saw communist militias marching the streets long before the word Nazi even existed. Notably during the 1918 attempt of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht to putsch away the social democrat government and make Germany a part of the Soviet Union.


Only 6,500 warm bodies showed up – against the announced 4,000 riot police. Most of the sympathizers were of the meatshield type, so, entirely ineffective without a significant violent core to protect. SAD!

And, most of those sympathizers got dragged in by numerous state- or foundation-funded Orgs – who have this or that ulterior motive to support the mass immigration.

Source: German MMNews – a great Alt Media outlet. Article contains list of dozens of the Gutmenschen organisations who tried to organize the riots which weren’t.

A complete dud, not helped by the current cold spell.



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