/pol/ Busts AntiFa Pig Professor

Professor at Battle Of Berkley PROBABLY dresses up as AntiFa, tries to crush right winger’s skull with bike lock. /pol/ gets to work. The AntiFa Pig is VERY LIKELY BUSTED.

And THIS is how /pol/ works…. They found out his height by measuring their potential candidate against a Starbucks cup he holds!

Communist pig is VERY LIKELY Professor Eric Clanton. He seems to be a professor at Diablo Valley College .

And this is the kind of personnel American universities hire. Also, you pay 100k+ USD to have your kid turned into a dreadlocked porn star Antifa bottle thrower by pigs like this. Maybe that demonstrates the value of the USD just nicely.



Blog Ralphretort

Vox Day

AntiFa use women as Human Shields: More video from Bike Lock Attack by the pig, coming up behind some women.

UPDATE: I added some “VERY LIKELY” qualifiers because Eric Clanton might possibly have an evilĀ  twin brother. At the moment he has not been charged. As the mayor of Berkeley is member of the AntiFa Group BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY that ORGANIZED the riots, that mayor will do NOTHING against any AntiFa member. I don’t know how the legal situation in the USA is and whether it requires state or federal institutions now.

For amusement: It looks like Clanton screamed for help on Reddit.

As a German, I know AntiFa tactics since 1980 so I am very interested in how this situation develops. Currently, German AntiFa continues to do cowardly attacks on AfD politicians, spraying their homes and destroying their cars; and currently preparing to shut down Cologne with massive violence in the upcoming AfD party congress. Thousands of riot police are preparing.

As our AntiFa uses potentially lethal tactics since the 1970ies when they emerged as sympathizers of the Communist terror group RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion), the German state uses armies of riot police and water throwers to keep them at bay yet never seriously crushes or prohibits them: A weird half-assed appeasement approach.

It has only been since last year that American protesters have copied German tactics in earnest with the Black Bloc uniform and use of potentially lethal force.

Another thing: In Germany, SPD (social-democrat)-ruled cities let AntiFA have rent-free “autonomous youth centres” which they use as their weapons chambers. Similar to the “sanctuary cities” in USA or the AntiFa mayor of Berkeley, a sort of alliance of left wing parties with a street terrorist organisation, with the goal of violently suppressing right wing opinion. Combined with the sympathetic reporting by the slimestream media, belittling the murderous attacks by AntiFa thugs.

Historical note re “Communist” vs. “Anarchist”: AntiFA usually claim to be Anarchists. Why then do I call them Communist? Simple. It’s the same thing. Bakunin, the Russian founder of modern “anarchism” chose this name ONLY because the Czarist regime outlawed communist movements. For the exact same reason the SPD, the German social-democrat party, invented the term “Social-Democracy” – they were Marxists and wanted to bring about communism but the term was verboten.

They’re all communists, plain and simple. Most of them these days are in denial or in a state of confusion and never learn that the name of their own movement is just a historic verbal camouflage for communism.




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