The Transformation Of Moldylocks

Moldylocks is the dreadlocked Antifa girl at the Battle Of Berkley who got punched in the face after throwing dozens of glass bottles at right wingers heads and then getting into a close range fight. Her real name seems to be Louise Rosealma.

Ezra Levant got something about her before and after AntiFa transformation looks including her porn business (no kinky pictures).

About the battle itself here’s Britanny Pettybone interviewing Based Stickman Kyle Chapman.

And, Britanny and Lauren Southern were at the battle. Brave girls.

In Germany BTW such encounters see thousands of riot police separating the groups to make it impossible for them to meet. This is of course enormously expensive. But, our local Red Terror has since the 1970ies demonstrated the determination to kill (using Molotov cocktails and steel ball ammunitioned slingshots).

Also, German AntiFa is since that time heavily infiltrated by state agents – and today a puppeteered promoter of the goals of Globalism: demanding limitless mass immigration of Muslims and Negroes – just like the Globalists and their Merkel government, quel surpris.

In America it’s of course Soros behind them, so, same/same.

Moldylocks is then a stooge for billionaire oligarchs who seem to pay her pretty badly.

We can also read the murderous attacks by the AntiFa stooges as the direct expression of the goals of the Globalists: Crush all dissent and murder dissenters if needed. This shows us the vision that the Globalists have of the future: Their iron-fist rule over all of humanity.


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