Left Calls For Stripping Whites Off Right To Vote, Then Retracts

HuffingGlue South Africa published a piece calling for disenfranchising the white minority in SA – and, whites worldwide. Notice that in the West, the Left claims that minorities cannot be racist etc. BUT, if the minority is WHITE, it can be violently attacked.

SOP of the Left. Source (WARNING. Horrific pictures of Black On White murders.)

Now after everyone noticed what ARRIANNA HUFFINGTONS smear outlet does there; what did they do? (A. HUFFINGTON by the way earned her fortune by divorcing her husband, very feminine way of doing things, and at least for a while camouflaged herself as a “conservative”. Some conservative there. Reminds me of the Trotzkyites calling Stalin a right winger.)

Well they retracted the piece saying, hey, the author doesn’t seem to exist. AFTER defending the piece as being run of the mill perfectly acceptable feminism. I would have thought they meant to say RACISM, but no, stripping whites off their rights is FEMINISM in the words of the rabid, genocidal Left…

Notice that all Leftists despise logic and debate, defining logic itself as a tool used by the Oppressive Fascist regime to keep them down. Leftists will use anything to achieve their goals. That’s why they don’t have any reservations about smashing your skull with a glass bottle (wow, Condé-Nasts’s Reddit hasn’t deleted that?) while denouncing violence in public and at the same time saying “I’ll come home with a hundred Nazi scalps” to their followers, as Moldylocks did (Wow, Prince Alwaleed’s Twitter hasn’t deleted that?).


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