Moses Is A Fabrication

I’ve been arguing back and forth with a Jewish friend about this for a while, my reference being Gmirkin and minimalist archeologists / historians like Israel Finkelstein. Now I found mythologist Acharya S (a.k.a. D.M. Murdock) who claims

that the Moses myth including Exodus is an amalgamation of the Dionysos myth with Gilgamesh. This is consistent with Gmirkin’s claim that the Septuagint was not so much translated but composed from source myths in the library of Alexandria 270 BC by 72 Jewish scribes under the sponsorship of Ptolemai II – and principally written in Greek from the start; as that was the Lingua Franca all the scribes were educated in.

In this context another slightly earlier God myth is very interesting: Serapis; a myth sponsored by Ptolemai I. that successfully appealed to both Greek and Egyptian citizens of the Empire of the day – including one million Jewish citizens.

So what we have here is an epoch of the serial rollout of monotheistic religions for political purposes.

She is also of the opinion that the story of Jesus Christ is another fabrication, as she lays out here. I don’t entirely agree but details of the story could be literary¬† embellishments, I’m open to that idea.

Personally I’m neither an atheist nor a Bible literalist so I’m very interested in exploring what’s the source of what in the Bible and other scriptures.

Actually it’s satisfying to get all those butchery stories in the Old Testament / the Torah resolved as mostly fictitious / political. She mentions some of those.

She mentions Apollonius of Tyana as a candidate for the real “Paul” of the Bible; wikipedia claims some think he was the real historic template for “Jesus”.

And that guy and others before him travelled the same road trip as Paul to Korinth, Galathea and so on which were strongholds of a “masonic” mystery school order which had all craftsmen to basically roll out the technology of the day. Sounds like a (pre)historic military-industrial complex base… a kind of germ cell for roll out of a socieorder

This is getting even deeper than I thought. This could mean that Freemasonry is not just a modern secret society created by some aristocrat idlers in England in the 1600s but has older roots than the modern monotheistic religions itself.

Update: Acharya S died in 2015 and wikipedia says she is not being taken seriously and her arguments are discredited. Unfortunately no detailed refutations there.

Well anyway. I didn’t even watch her interviews for her claims that Jesus didn’t exist. I’m interested in the Moses myth. There is scant evidence for the existence of David (one stele said to have his name on it) and none for Moses. For all I can tell.

Re existence of Jesus I can pretty much live with what wikipedia states here.


11 thoughts on “Moses Is A Fabrication”

  1. Then how come:
    1. The Bible makes thorough sense (names, etimology, sayings, dualities of meaning) only in Hebrew?
    2. Why would the Moses appear like a controlled opposition,
    on the service of the Egyptian priesthood which mentored him?
    Controlled opposition like Yuri Bezmenov presented it, namely a regime secret method that nobody
    in outer circles could perceive.


    1. 1) The Septuagint authors surely had access to Hebrew pre-monotheistic sources as well – Gmirkin and others show a tree of pre Septuagint document fragments that went into it.
      2) Moses doesn’t appear like a COTNROLLED opposition to me – he’s a functionaire of the regime at first, then goes his own way. What’s controlled about that?
      A controlled opposition leader is INEFFECTIVE. His purpose is to NOT achieve his openly proclaimed goals. That doesn’t describe the Biblical Moses.

      Also, watch the videos. It’s worth it. You can’t have watched them by now. I was only able to write down a few major points. She’s got SUCH a ton of information.


  2. Being based on the Hebrew & Aramaic sources, then it is a translation first.
    Controlled Opposition means achieving the controllers’ aims, e.g. revolution, migration, conquest,
    while denying the controlled “leadership” from personal gain, i.e. killing it on the verge of fait accompli.
    Wait a bit for the complete article, then.
    Impression of King Hezekiah’s royal seal discovered in excavations in Jerusalem
    First seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king ever exposed in situ in a scientific archaeological excavation
    Date: December 2, 2015


    1. I have seen no reference about ‘controlled opposition’ in Dirk post. This is typical strawman debate argument.
      The 72 scholars mentioned had the time and sources to write their epos, basing the stories of real documents from the Alexandria library.
      There seem to be no historical reference for David, Saul and Solomon, they seem to be completely invented like Moses and the flight from Egypt.


      1. No, not a strawman: Hebrew Reader just has the opinion that Moses existed and was a controlled opposition – while I think he’s a mythical figure.


    1. Graf and Wellhausen are different people. They get merged together because their ideas are being fused into the Documentary Hypothesis. And neither was the first actually…


      1. Damn! What a stupid mistake. I must have read that “Graf Wellhausen” on some page… as Graf is a German aristocratic title I didn’t notice! Thanks!
        You are free to comment without wait now, Simon.

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  3. Like I said the concerns that Moses could not possibly have written the pentateuch or scribed down word for word the will of God goes far further back than German nineteenth century schlars – it goes all the way back to the middle ages and Rabbinic thought: Abrham Ibn Ezra and Bonfils for example. Wherever you are coming from there are a few little issues. Deut 34 to start with as it describes the death of Moses which would have been difficult for him to write about. Would the ‘humblest man ever’ actually describe themselves as the humblest man ever? Plus all the problems such as ‘to this day’, ‘in those days’ ‘on the other side of the Jordan’ etc.


  4. But, on the other hand, if Moses is a complete fabrication, then would it not have been better to have given him a nice Israelite name in place of one in Egyptian meaning ‘born of’ (as in Tutmoses or Ramses) with nobody’s name attached to it?


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