DOVE: The Soap For The Genderist “Family”

There are many soaps on the market. Personally I prefer companies that concentrate on their product instead of trying to remake society.

What gender pronouns do you use for that?

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4 thoughts on “DOVE: The Soap For The Genderist “Family””

    1. Using the de Broglie interpretation of QM:

      A particle is a jumper on the pilot wave. An Einstein Bose Condensate is a huge group of particles, or atom cores and electrons that jump in unison, synchronously. So it’s in a way one big metaparticle. Now you add spin, giving all members of the group the same spin, or giving the entire group a spin? Not sure. Maybe that means the same.

      Now what happens when you hit a spinning ball? It moves in a different direction than you would normally expect. Or think of a rotating disk, a Kreisel, a spinning top.

      I guess that’s what they observe.


      1. We can then say – what gives a particle mass is not understood in conventional QM – normal matter consists of spinning tops each having their own rotational axis. What we perceive as mass or inertia is then the result of the statistical mean of the behaviours of all the spinning tops. Hitting ONE of them would lead to it traveling off in SOME direction; only because we have so many with arbitrary rotational axes do we observe predictable action-reaction behaviour.


      2. Exactly. I had the same impression, it has nothing to do with ‘negative mass’ but just a result of mass & spin interaction. What bothered me is the pretence to call it ‘negative mass’ and to use the results ‘to explore some of the more challenging concepts of the cosmos, ‘…


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