Vibrant Berlin Returns To Weimar Republic Glory

…As the drug and organized crime capital of the world. ‘Most Dangerous Place in Germany’: Crime in Inner-City Berlin summarizes a March 2017 German TV report where a SAT 1 team placed several cameras in Berlin center and recorded hundreds of crimes by Merkel’s imported vibrants in 48 hours.

Most of course drug trading and then some muggings and brawls.

SAT 1 is publically traded and I find none of the Globalist Oligarchs owning a majority of the shares. It’s one of our private TV networks. There’s another big one , RTL, owned by BERTELSMANN, which is a committed supporter of mass immigration and DIVERSITY – and owner of DER SPIEGEL and other newspapers. And then there’s of course the 9 billion Euro a year budgeted state media juggernaut promoting mass migration and protecting Merkel’s internationalist agenda. All German households are forced to pay for this abomination.

So maybe SAT 1 is actually the only TV station here which is remotely objective. As I stopped watching TV in 1999 I can’t tell.

This video led me to the article. The speaker correctly points out that anyone in Germany who criticizes the mass migration policies of the government is ruthlessly called a Nazi here. Which is totally true.  But, should be no surprise for any Trump voter.


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