Destroying Youtube Publishers With Fake Screenshots

It looks like a person named Eric Feinberg handed screenshots to Murdoch’s WSJ “proving” that brand name ads appear on “hatespeech” videos. Murdoch’s WSJ happily published, leading to advertiser boycot of youtube by multinational corporations; in turn making Google demonetize practically all alternative media publisher videos on youtube – imperiling the survival of small outlets who banked on this income.

Go to youtube and search Eric Feinberg. Here’s one guy who thinks he has proof that Feinberg faked the evidence.

Remember WSJ’s outrage over the new Hitler PewDiePie? Now they’re at it again.

This might be desperation by Murdoch to stop youtube and other video platforms from taking away the cherished sub 40ies demographic from his Old Media.

Otherwise why would they burn the credibility of the WSJ like this?

Must be pretty bad at Murdoch’s.

Update: The guy accusing the WSJ of publishing fake screenshots apologized. The video he used as evidence was made by GulagBear but copyright was claimed by another party meaning that’s the reason GulagBear didn’t make money from it even though ads were likely indeed shown. Meaning, the youtube algorithm is too stupid to demonetize videos with the word Nigger in the title. And I thought google people were so smart. source: mashable

Anyway: The attacks by the WSJ against youtube are real.


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