Oh The Dreadful WMD’s.

I wrote this rant answering the comment of another guy who brought up WMD’s so why not preserve it.

So about those pesky WMD’s, also called ABC weapons…
A) for atom. Well before USA wiped out two towns in Japan with nukes they wiped out about 64 with conventional firestorms. As murdering civilians does not decide a war the Japanese generals didn’t even care. It gave the Tenno an easy way to capitulate though – if one believes the capitulation story. (The capitulation story does not explain why the US troops cleaned up Hiroshima or why Japan got the steel from scrapped US battleships to make Toyotas from to sell them tariff-free in the USA.)

Also, “smuggling” radioactive stuff is the most stupid idea. Because it is RADIOACTIVE. Meaning you can find it WITH A RADIO. Or even better with the many Geigercounters the government has at any port and anywhere else. You actually have to switch off the Geigercounters when a load of Bananas is shipped in. They’re too radioactive. (Potassium.)

Well maybe you have a chance to bring your terrorist nuke in if you pretend to be a banana merchant.

So keep an eye on those banana merchants.

B) for biologic. Woodrow Wilson and the Rockefeller Institute might have been behind the “Spanish” Flu which was only called Spanish because the Spanish newspapers were the only uncensored one in all of Europe so they were the only ones who reported. It wiped out about 80 million Europeans and 20 million US americans – some blowback. Which was expected.

So, dying from biological weapons? Been there, done that, if you’re a European.

BTW how did Wilson get the American Army Flu into the trenches of WW I? By shipping in infected US soldiers.

C) for chemical. Oh the DREADFUL Sarin. You need ONE KILOGRAM of it to kill ONE PERSON even if you release it in THE SUBWAY, as Shoko Asahara has proven. You can just as well use lead bullets: You need typically one kilogram of that to kill one enemy soldier. It’s easier to handle.

The problem with poison gas is delivering it to the desired recipients – who have the nasty habit of running away, using urine-soaked undies as impromptu filters and on and on. Or might even own a proper gas mask. That reminds me, let’s get one for my luggage. I got a rope, some nondescript blunt objects, some nondescript pointy objects, but a gas mask would be all the rage in modern vibrant Germany.


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