Science: Water Droplets On Standing Waves


Video shows experiments with standing waves and water droplets bouncing on them, plus a similar experiment aboard the ISS with air bubbles inside a water sphere exposed to sound waves.

Update: Quantum Mechanics modelled by water droplets video added.

The fascinating thing is that particles itself can be seen as bouncing energy droplets on a universal standing wave, the Pilot Wave of the Bohm-de Broglie interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Also, that pilot wave contains all possible frequencies (Planck’s ovservation that energy in any volume of space cannot go to zero at any frequency but must always have a nonzero, quantized, minimal value), explaining the special effect observed in the video above when using Cello sounds – an especially overtone-rich spectrum: “Dancers” or droplets or air bubbles at the surface pop into existence automatically – probably due to momentary very steep flanks exceeding the elasticity of the surface – a nonlinear effect or distortion. This is analogous to virtual particle pairs popping into existence in vacuum (and anywhere else), see the Kasimir effect or Kasimir force.

Oh! And the end of the video links to this one which explains the link to Quantum mechanics!


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