MIT Press Publishes Communism Reloaded, Now Without Genocide

Or so I think, not having read the book. German homo-communist Bini Adamczak writes book, gets it translated by two Jews – judging by the names: Blumenthal and Lewis –  to English and published at MIT press. No joke. Communism For Kids

German wikipedia page about the author. Wikipedia uses female pronouns; as we are talking about a “queer” person and the name “Bini” is not a usual name in German I shall make no attempt at guessing his, her, its or their gender. Also, this person is not a public figure in Germany.

Linked zerohedge article has this quote

“East Germany is the Communist world’s vaunted economic success story, hailed as proof that hard work, discipline and thrift can translate Karl Marx’s theories into reality.”
New York Times reporter Ferdinand Protzman in the May 15, 1989 “Business Day” section.

Well translate into reality they did indeed. I was there many times since 1989 right after the wall came down. It was like lost places, or industrial ruins in the rust belt, only what I saw was where people actually still lived and worked.

Americans! Educate your children in Strong German Communism with MIT Press and overcome your capitalist chains and Standard Of Living!

MIT. Amazing that anyone still pays any of these universities run by lunatics any money. Why are you doing that, Americans? They’re communists. They should give you whatever education they can offer – if any –  for free. Communists don’t believe in money. Hold them to their ideals.



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