Government-imposed Diversity Turns Leipzig Into Vibrant City

About 30 Syrian “refugee” “children” had a little running chase, the guys they chased managed to escape into a light rail and the chasing tribe went on to throw rocks at the train. Big Multicultural Globalist Fun for the boring city of Leipzig! (Which, one has to say, has a very active AntiFa faction. BTW, the AntiFa girls stopped going to the AntiFa pub because the “refugees” there grabbed them by the pussy too much. Racists!)

Current islamisation speed is 15,000 “refugees” per month filtering in via the open borders. Making 180,000 per year plus probably another 100,000 Muslims being flown in for “Family reunification”, getting us to 280,000.

Of course we also had an ISIS-authoredĀ  shrapnel bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund bus and an ISIS announcement that they’ll murder all Western entertainers and Sports figures, which gives the CDU government the interesting headache of how to protect thousands of media figures all of whom promote Diversity for our Globalist masters – head of which in Germany is the tax-exempt “philantropic” BERTELSMANN foundation which doubles as a “Think Tank” i.e. they give a lot of the orders to the government parties. And runs the SPIEGEL and the RTL TV channels.

The crazy thing is: ISIS attacks their best friends: The CDU is importing so many Muslims, ISIS couldn’t conquer Germany as fast as the CDU destroys it!

Some US media including alt media occasionally mention that Merkel’s CDU did a turnaround from their Muslim-invitation policies. That is bullcrap. The CDU talks sweet now but they still let 15,000 a month in, in other words ANYONE who screams “asylum” at the border.

We can say: The CDU has slightly reduced the colonisation speed in the run up to the October elections. I see no change in their fundamental endorsement of the DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH lie; especially because none of the top personnel responsible for the islamisation has been sacked.

Judge them by their actions, not by their lies.


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