Why Are Gay Germans Pro Islamisation

Because It Gets Them Sex Slaves. German Article: Illegal immigrant asylum seekers who claim to be children get de Luxe treatment by the German state, costing 60,000 EUR per yr per person.

As soon as their claimed age goes up to 18 and assuming their application for asylum is rejected, they are expected to leave the country and state support goes away.

At which point some of them become street prostitutes or make an arrangement with “older men” – free lodging for sex.

Epicenter of this, of course: BERLIN.

And that explains why gays mostly pretend to be for multiculturalism in spite of the fact that a homosexual-killing religion gets imported by the million: Infinite supply of young men from the population explosion in the Islamic world.

Article has interview with a asylum industry functionaire woman who demands MOAR TAX MONEY to HELP the poor desperate illegal immigrants. Well guess what, if you got no money, Germany is about the last place you wanna be. EVERYTHING is expensive here – due to high standard of living and extreme taxation of everything by a state that needs about 888 billion EUR a year to pay for its welfare system and madcap projects like the Islamisation.

The only CHEAP product is illegal ass.

Also the question arises – as all the Afghan immigrants have a computer science diploma and are talented world class soccer players, as they usually claim – why then do they waste their time and talent as live-in sex slaves.

*I* got a computer science diploma and I’m still waiting for them to help me in my projects. Young Afghan computer scientists with barely touched asses!

Of course there are already cases for years now where some Muslim thugs who get contacted by gays in the streets, being mistaken for male prostitutes, respond with typically Muslim manly fervor and just smash in the face of the wannabe customer…  so street prostitution does carry its risks for the German gays. I guess they mostly use Grinder or somesuch app for the contacts these days.


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