Why Does Sweden Even Try To Catch The Terrorists?

The important thing, as we have seen in London, is to light candles and assure each other that one will stubbornly continue to pretend that multiculturalism works.

And, why chase down two mass murderers when you have imported 2 million Somalis each one of them being the next potential mass murderer of white Swedes.

Swedish Police In Manhunt For Terrorist Truck Driver Who Killed Five

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin will not be illuminated in Swedish colors BECAUSE: Stockholm is not a partner city of Berlin. Berlin politicians have decided that they will only illuminate the Brandenburg Gate for islamic terror attacks in their partner cities OR if a grievance group of Cultural Marxism like gay people gets murdered. (They did rainbow colors after the Orlando night club mass murder; Orlando not being a partner city.)

Oh and they DO illuminate it in German colors whenever an islamic mass murder happens in Berlin itself, of course. They did so after the Christmas market massacre.

The complicated rules of the rituals of the PAN-EUROPA movement.



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