Enjoy Being Sacrificed


for the ideals of Multiculturalism. Otherwise you’re a Nazi. Enjoy being run over by a truck.

Red Ice from Sweden, video; contains interesting footage from people running from a speeding truck. No gore. Expert advice: Don’t do the Prometheus thing: Run SIDEWAYS.

As to the Prometheus reference, see the infamous Prometheus School Of Running Away In A Straight Line.

And as to the Red Ice guys, even though Hendrik and Conrad are pretty aware people they seem shocked that Sweden had its very own islamic massacre now. Well a) it was only a matter of time and b) there’s really no difference between the everyday head-trampling and knifing attacks and a hurtling truck concerning the loss of life so I’m WAY TOO FAR to be shocked. I wouldn’t be shocked by a Sarin attack in the Berlin metro at this point. It’s what I EXPECT.  Well I *WOULD* be shocked by anything requiring sophistication but not by this.

Also, don’t go to the shiny city centres in Europe. THAT. IS. OVER. Do it like the Chinese tourists: AVOID FUCKING PARIS. (and Berlin, and London, and Stockholm etc.)

Thank the multiculturalist EU politicians for that.



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