Mental Collapse Of The Left At Unprecedented Speed

THREE examples from today. Leftists are as anyone knows ankle-biting pests, for instance when they order you to stop using some word because THEY think it means something else than it actually means. But, they’re getting better and better at turning on each other and at negating their own policies.

Exhibit 1 Warning: Crude, Gross, Sexual Drawings: Swedes distribute leaflets with graphic depictions of how to have gay sex, a threesome with a very fat person, and gross sexual activities using a wheelchair – right after importing millions of people from extremely conservative Islamic societies like Somalia! Yeah that’ll teach them!

Whatcha want Leftist Swedes? Sexual freedom or radical Islam? Why can’t you make up your minds? Must be the weed.

Exhibit 2 Dutch Leftist male politicians walk hand in hand (presumably even the non-gay ones, if there are any) to demonstrate their solidarity with 2 gays who got beaten up by Muslims after walking hand in hand. Dutch Leftists, what do you want? Homosexuality or Islam? What’s wrong with your brains? Must be the Dutch Skank. (Not Katy Perry. The Dutch-cultivated high strength Marihuana.)

Exhibit 3 I like this the best because it involves not only Fabian Socialists but also Jewish crazies. Ur-socialist Ken Livingstone, long time ex mayor of London, STILL persecuted by Jewish crazies AND his Fabian Labour Party buddies – for mentioning a HISTORIC FACT – the Ha’avara Agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists.

Altogether, the Leftists have NO more wiggle room: No matter what they do they’ll insult ONE of their many victim groups.

Let’s use this. A glorious time for trolling.


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