Swedish Police At Work

Video 5min. Unruly immigrant man vs. 4 swedish, probably all female police persons and their car. Slapstick ensues. Well you know what I mean. Of course they don’t go so far as to slap him, let alone with a stick. It’s his human right to fuck up Sweden.

P.S.: Following a report in another video from March I looked for a double murder in Stockholm with a woman beheaded. I tried various search terms in google news including “throats slit” and found absolutely nothing. I did find it though in normal google (non-news) web search.


What I find interesting about this is that obviously NONE of the mainstream media in the entire English speaking world has a report about it. (Google News scans the mainstream media but not the alt media)

And we have to resort to alt media – who got it from reddit from a guy who read it in Swedish – to learn about it. This tells us two things:

  • Mainstream media do not report reality and have no intention of doing so.
  • Islamic murder has become so common in the West that the Mainstream media can just drop all reporting of it and nobody cares. Including beheadings. (Even given the active opposition of Mainstream journalists to reporting the truth, they would be forced to, were these cases not already run-of-the-mill)
  • By comparing google news search with normal google search we can determine what the mainstream hides from us.

Ok that’s three things.


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