White Genocide In South Africa: Another, Much Better Interview Video

with Simon Roche of Suidlanders. Red Ice Radio 1 hr. Better sound quality, better questions, better answers than in the Cernovich interview.

Mr. Roche gives more details about the disaster preparations for up to 800,000 white internally displaced persons by his organisation. He is trying to collect 10 million USD and is on an open ended speaking tour in the USA.

Intriguing: He mentions the prophecies of the Boer seer Nicholas van Rensburg who predicted the genocide; and some signs that precede it which seem to have come to pass.

Also: The official number of white murders since foundation of the RAINBOW NATION South Africa is 74,000; the state does its best to forge the number downwards though, for obvious reasons. Real number is more like 125,000: at a white population of maybe 5,000,000. At this rate, this would mean 2 million dead Germans if it happened here. That’s Hamburg and then some. (As maybe 70% of Hamburgers are Germans. I estimate.)


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