The Military Is A Waste

said the young man. “They’re even more expensive and useless than the subsidies for renewables. I’d get rid of them completely.”

This was his comeback to my claim that our Globalist SPD/CDU government introduces communism by the backhand, by letting the mandated costs of energy production explode at a rate of 15% per year; outside the market system. And it’s currently the year 2017 and we’re at 32 or 35 billion Euro subsidy per year, slapped on our electricity bills, and on the ones of the industry (so we pay their share via higher product prices) and on the ones of the state sector ( so we pay their share via higher taxes).

I grinned. “So you want to destroy the only LEGITIMATE pupose of the state?” (I knew fully well this was over his head. Hobbes is not taught in our schools. But I constantly leave such bait in my arguments.) “So who’s gonna defend you?” “I don’t care. The EU, or a world government.” So I could have gone on to ask, would the unelected EU government do it any cheaper than Germany does it now and that would have given me all the targets I could want but I’m always gunning for the biggest fish. So I went for his world government.

“Ah, the world government.” My God, the kids these days really do get brought up by Trotzkists. I knew it before but having it revealed at lunch so blatantly…

“So where do you run if that world government does something that is against your interests?” “To the Mars colony.” the young man said jokingly, knowing he had no valid argument.

“So do you even know who was the first movement to go for a world government? Or which were the more notable ones? ” “The first…?” “Well let’s just say recent ones.”

I didn’t wait for his answer because I was on the roll now and because this is important.

“So let’s start with Trotzki’s world revolution, and the KomIntern that he founded for this purpose. The KomIntern was at its time about what Salafism is today, or what ISIS is today: The KomIntern had 20,000 terrorists in Germany. Salafism has 10,000 members now in Germany as German security has just announced.”

“Well and then Hitler.” he said. Yeah, they learn Hitler in the state schools. But did Hitler want world government? So I asked: “Can you give me the source? [Yes I do know, there’s that propaganda song, Heute gehoert uns Deutschland, morgen die ganze Welt. But, that’s not a real reasoned argument but something you sing in a total war.] Did Hitler want world government? What was the purpose of the Achse (the Axis), or let’s name its long name, the Anti KomIntern Alliance, an alliance of 18 states, Germany, Japan, Rumania, Finland, Italy and so on, what had these states in common?” Blank stare from the young man.

“They bordered Stalin’s Soviet Union and they all had KomIntern terrorist organisations. So they tried to stop the terror campaign of the communists.” [The communist teachers in German state schools make damn sure to never mention the Red Terror during the Weimar republic, taking out political opponents by assassination left and right. Well there’s only a right from where the KomIntern is.]

“But let’s move on to other organisations who wanted world government. The Fabian socialists, founded 1890 in Britain, who control the Labour party to this day. Named after the Roman Fabian, famous for his slow underhanded tactics to gradually achieve his goal, and that’s EXACTLY what today’s warmunists do with their gradual transformation of the energy sector into a state-controlled price-fixing system: Introduction of world communism by stealth instead of by a bloody revolution.”

I left it at that because the conversation had started with the girl claiming we needed to “think globally” to avert “Global Warming”, which the government scientists tell us is caused by CO2.

Have you ever met a government scientist who is not a communist?

Anyways, I’d been running roughshod over the ignorance of the two young people for long enough, and I’m not doing this to reaffirm my grandness but to shock-deprogramĀ  them. I concentrated on my meal.

Oh and re Fabian Socialists and Warmunism. Look up GLOBE INTERNATIONAL. The biggest out in the open warmunist world government guys infiltrating most political parties in the West you can find.

Headquartered in the same building in London as the Fabian Society.


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