Music: 1981: DAF: Alle Gegen Alle

The title refers to the war All Against All as defined by Hobbes.

Sequencer and drums. Deliberately detuned, giving it an unnerving quality.

DAF produced this at Conny Planck’s studio. Planck, being an audiophile, recorded the sequencer by blasting it out of of loudspeakers and recording it with microphones to have a real room acoustic. Today, we would use digital signal processing.

DAF is the abbreviation for Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, German American Friendship, a standard propaganda term used all the time in the 1970ies German state TV.

At time of recording, DAF was reduced to two members, Gabi Delgado, vocals, of Spanish origin, and Robert Görl, drums, German.

Of course, the war All Against All is about to come as multiculturalism collapses.


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