Middle Eastern Tribes Wage War In Germany

Northern Germany, Peine, small steelworks town, 50,000 inhabitants, many Kurdish and Turkish immigrants living there: Syrian/palestinian “refugees” show their gratitude to Germany by throwing rocks, damaging cars of the locals. Video.

Now the thing is, Turks and Kurds don’t call the police. They go on the streets to take matters into their own hands. Sooner or later police did arrive in heavy numbers.

Breitbart article

As Breitbart notes, tribal clashes with groups of young Germans happened elsewhere already. In such occasions, our slimestream media vilifies the Germans as Nazis.

As this will become more common, the slimestream media will sink farther into irrelevance and the German youth will become tougher – out of necessity.

Recently there was also a mass clash between groups our slimestream media refuses to identify in Hanau (in Hesse, near Frankfurt); the groups met to battle it out. I guess, knowing the area, Turks born in Germany versus “refugees”.

Oh and in the above case in Peine, ONE person was arrested, for refusing to obey police commands. Rocks were thrown at the police cars, but that’s fine, you can do that when you’re a Muslim whether born in Germany or imported by Merkel’s CDU. No probs at all.

Police is in my opinion acting just as treacherous as Merkel’s CDU.

The Globalists will have to leave.



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