Transfrench Actor Discriminated

Already 2 weeks old but I hadn’t seen it yet. Transfrench actor Shia LaBoeuf wants French fries in Bowling Alley but doesn’t get any because the racist waiter serves French Fries only to real French, not people who identify as French. Or something like that.

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If You’re Getting Bullied Have Your Younger Sister Break The Bones Of The Bully

is the suggestion of Nissan Ireland with respect to Bullying, gender equality, girl power and martial arts. Also, buy the new Nissan Micra, it’s like a Taekwondo-Black-Belt younger sister that is so strong she can actually subdue a reasonably aggressive male. In other words, it doesn’t exist. (Wait, do they want to imply their new car doesn’t actually exist?)

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Youtube Is Frantically Trying To Become Old Media

Face-tramples on current youtubers by demonetizing in an uncontrolled fashion; pushes their Youtube TV project to force new generation to adopt passive role in media consumption; and amazingly, ENLISTS THE ENTIRE BUNCH OF THE CRAP MEDIA as providers for exclusive content. Yes that means ABC, CNN, ESPN (owned by Disney) and the likes.

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Germany Is 51st Safest Country In The World, WEF Says

Recent federal crime statistics release for 2016 saw 50% increase of violent crime, YoY.

A reader of Vera Lengsfeld’s blog (German) calculates crime rates for native Germans vs. Immigrants:

Germans : 19 suspects per 1000 in 2016. Immigrants: 174 per 1000.

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Netflix Says Homosexuality Is Advantageous To Survival

Netflix (and Bunim-Murray Productions, see here) hired the world class evolutionist Bill Nye and a person wearing black PVC who may or may not be Katy Perry – I didn’t pay attention – to tell the world that homosexuality and other forms of the Lambda Gamma Beta Theta variety are the next step in evolution i.e. that they offer a selective advantage.

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