The White Genocide In South Africa


Video by Cernovich, interview of an Afrikaaner, Simon Roche, who founded a self defense organisation,

1 hour.

Some more info: Since end of Apartheid, 3500 farmer murders, 74,000 murders of whites overall, at a population of 5 million whites. Transferred to German population this would mean wiping out the entirety of Hamburg. (close to 2 million)

Interview partner says his organisation is a legal self defense organisation according to International Law, Geneva Convention, Protocol I and Protocol II. Something to do with the right of ethnic minorities to self defend against foreseeable agression. (That might come in handy for Germans in Pforzheim as well, at 80% non-German population. Well basically Pforzheim is in the late stages of white flight. It’s close to Stuttgart.)

South Africa has been classified as being at stage 6 of the 8 stage scale of GenocideWatch.

Tagged communism because Mandela was a member of the Communist Party to his death.

Those white Afrikaaners who haven’t yet left find it hard to do so as they are not desired migrants in the West – the West imports Afghans and Somalis, not Whites. Which is absolutely despicable and a reason to remove the existing governments with the exception of Trump.

Second, the value of their properties is already dropping like a rock as the ANC government ponders large scale expropriation Zimbabwe-style – which would immediately lead to the same results: Divide farms up amongst cronies of the party who will not produce anything much; followed by famine and hyperinflation.

White Farmers in South Africa are now heavily weaponized. They all expect to be the next victims of the murder wave.

RAINBOW NATION. That’s what it’s called. Multiculturalism does not work.


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