Film: Luc Besson Does “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.”

Good to see that France preserves its main cultural achievement on the Big Screen before perishing. VALERIAN is the best comic ever drawn, author Christin, illustrator Maiziere; a SF-time travel-secret agent-love affair mix that produced 30 or so comic albums since 1967 to the present.

Which I happen to own. The only comic series I own completely. LUC BESSON is of course the director of The Fifth Element which was already heavily VALERIAN-inspired; with Maiziere as consultant or creative director for the entire movie. That’s how Maiziere designs look like. Oh and Maiziere travelled the USA as a young man and worked as a cowboy; he frequently uses grand vistas in his drawings that could come from Monument Valley or other US locations. He draws very natural looking alien creatures, obviously inspired by the animal kingdom of Earth.

AND: Darth Vader from Star Wars is stolen from the design of the priest class in “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.” – the story that Luc Besson now turned into a movie. The designer for George Lucas admitted that he stole much of the designs for the original Star Wars trilogy from the comics.

AND: Cara Delevigne seems to play a role. As Laureline, the heroine.

Found at Daily Mail.

Oh and that brass bikini that Princess Leia / Carrie Fisher wore when being enslaved by that space slug? Stolen from “City Of A Thousand Planets” AGAIN.

This will be the first time I visit a cinema since Iron Sky. Which you should watch as well in case you haven’t.

(Yes. I *NEVER* watch HOLLYWOOD movies. It has become a principle.)


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