Music: Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze (for the vowel shift impaired: you pronounce it “Clows Shooltse”) started as the drummer for Tangerine Dream in Berlin, then split off to create his own unique sound as an Analog Synthesizer musician.

Here’s a 1975 album from him. Notable additions to Tangerine Dream-style sequencing are the analog drums – well I should just say, drums, played by Klaus Schulze himself on the studio productions – and the sliding noises from the EMS Synthi, which he and Jean-Michel Jarre used a lot in the 1970ies.

The EMS Synthi is a remarkable synthesizer for its time; British-made; with a central orthogonal switching matrix that would let you mix a number of output signals using resistors you stick into the matrix to produce signal mixes – which would then be fed back into the module system, creating a multitude of possible feedback configurations.

Here is Klaus Schulze demonstrating it.


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