Commentary Magazine: The Home Of War

The “NeoCons” have, in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama years, inflicted war on many countries in the Middle East and wrote about it in their infamous “Project For A New American Century” (a propaganda name) and in their “7 countries in 5 years” memo.

Where do they come from?

Their breeding ground was Commentary Magazine, an originally Trotzkyite Jewish publication. You just can’t make it up. I regularly called the CDU government of Germany Trotzkyite because I recognized the similarity of Trotzkyite World Revolution ideology with Globalism as promoted by the CDU: Both want to destroy all nations. Hell was I close!

And I found that connection in this Steve Pieczenik interview. (And yes, Alex Jones is annoying but sit through it anyway and bear it.)

Oh and Dr. Pieczenik clearly states: If you want to destroy ISIS you don’t go on the battlefield. Rather you reverse what you did in their creation. Meaning: You go to the CIA and interrogate the guys who were responsible for their creation.

Good to see that this is now starting to get publically stated.

All terrorism that goes beyond splitting a skull with an axe and the likes is necessarily state-sponsored terrorism. Simply for the fact that technology and money is needed to run any remotely significant terror operation. But, you say, can’t they just peddle drugs or something to get the money? Maybe. But that would mean that they must FIRST become a very successful Mafia. Now if YOU were ALREADY running a successful Mafia operation wouldn’t you rather CONTINUE doing that instead of conquering thousands of square miles of DESERT?

You could of course claim, well, they’re just very stupid. But, if they were that stupid they would never have gotten their Mafia organisation off the ground. So that’s a contradiction. Stupidity is the most overused excuse of our times. Even the Merkel party uses it, hey, we were just being stupid letting in millions of Muslims. Please vote for us again. No, nobody with any sort of career be it criminal, political or in business is that stupid.




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