Berlin Mass Murderer Was Police Asset

German state broadcaster RBB reports that 12 fold murderer and Muslim terrorist and refugee from Tunisia Anis Amri was used by NRW police as an asset to get information about the Al Walaa group, a terrorist group imported by the SPD-CDU government in their quest to get all Muslims who wanted to into Germany.

So he was earmarked to never be controlled by police and to the chagrin of NRW police, the Berlin police actually controlled him once – “jeopardizing” his further “usefulnerss” as a “source”. This also explains why Anis Amri was able to commit a multitude of petty crimes without ever being seriously persecuted.

German language newspaper article

So what we have here is the most highly taxed country in the world with the fattest police apparatus actually ENABLING islamic mass murder due to the complete inability of the state to do anything remotely complex right. I mean this involved TALKING TO EACH OTHER – between different agency branches –  God forbid. And after all the police people won’t get prosecuted for the murder of 12 people and the maiming of another 48.

Oh and the truck ONLY stopped so fast because it had modern impact detectors which automatically slammed the brakes in. A stupid truck would have mowed down many more before coming to a standstill. One for the programmers.




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