Infogalactic: Wikipedia Without Warmunist Watchdogs

Hello climate sceptics. Help build up a realistic picture of the state of climate research at Infogalactic, a fork of wikipedia without William Connolley and the rest of his gang.

For those who have not yet heard of the Infogalactic project, here is Vox Day talking about Infogalactic and Infogalactic News. It’s basically a non-SJW-infested alternative to what we have now. Throw gab into the mix as alternative to Prince Alwaleed-owned SJW twitter with their censorship of right wing voices. Ironically it’s Trump who currently keeps them alive after all their purges.

Here’s the infogalactic page about Vox Day. I shall henceforth make it a habit to link to infogalactic instead of wikipedia. Let’s push this project. wikipedia can spiral off into their convoluted warmunist epicycles.

Vox Day is a figure of the Alt Right so for those of you who now twitch in horror, you better just listen to the guy for a bit instead of believing the same SJW-infested media that lied to you about Global Warming their lies about the Alt Right. Thank you for your time and effort if you actually go and fix what’s wrong with the current copy of warmunist drivel that is in the Infogalactic copy of wikipedia.


10 thoughts on “Infogalactic: Wikipedia Without Warmunist Watchdogs”

  1. I have a twitter and facebook account, mostly to contact my children when other means don’t work. I tweet rarely. I follow a number of news/political/science and other sites. I have no problem with using gab and/or infogalactic preferentially. What I willingly spread via broadcast media, is my own doing and fully cognizant of a lack of privacy. So what. Act in public, don’t expect privacy.

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      1. I have 8 or 10 current email accounts and have used, but no longer have, some 8 or 10 more. While I know it is security by obscurity, I mostly don’t care. Why? I have relatively little to lose and these folk have next to nothing to gain from me.


    1. A bit of warning about bitchute IF you are living in a non-free country: It is a torrent-based P2P system, meaning every participating computer ECHOS data to others – says Corbett. Legally this MIGHT make you liable for broadcasting material that your local regime deems criminal; and also enable them to get you hooked on any kind of copyright infringement. That’s the situation in Germany at least: You can download anything but you get busted for uploading stolen goods, that’ what they used to shut down edonkey and such P2P media sharing things.

      More here.

      I am not sure what the current tech used by bitchute is. I just tried it and this computer won’t understand the MIME type so I stopped.


  2. Now this is interesting:
    I remember when I’ve read “Seeing Red” by Halton Arp, he was mentioning finding several pairs of quasars that were linked to a Galaxy. I’ll need to look for the book and re-read that part.
    If I correctly remember he showed there is a pattern with different red shift for the respective galaxy and the quasar with the quasar being at a much higher red shift.
    Reading this post remembers me of it:
    It might be one of the cases mentioned by Arp, but they try to explain it through the ‘new discovered’ gravitational waves:
    “The black hole that had just merged is likely to have recoiled from the strongest gravitational waves, causing it to fly off in the opposite direction.”

    Yeah sure… Wonder what will be the explanation for the second and third & why do they all run away from us?
    If the black hole is being ‘recoiled’ by the gravitational waves, what happened to all the stars in that galaxy? Should they not fly in all directions at x* the speed of the quasar?

    Researchers believe the host galaxy displayed arc-shaped features called tidal tails, which are produced by the collision of two galaxies. It seemed 3C 186 had recently merged with another system, and possibly that black holes had also merged as a result.

    What happened at this stage of the process is uncertain, but it’s thought the collision caused the black holes to circle each other, creating a phenomenon in which gravity waves are flung out “like water from a lawn sprinkler”, as NASA puts it.


    1. The gravity-only universe is magic. Everything attracts everything else, then after a collision, non-Newtonian magic happens, as explained by the Kabbala, excuse me, by Einstein.

      Let me try again.

      A miracle! Another proof that Einstein was right!


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